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Please note:

** DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF VIC: cleanse for $95 per day, including delivery. To book: contact us at or call (03) 9645 3356


A naturopathically designed custom menu to make you feel fresh + fabulous in prep for parties and special events.

This menu focuses on: debloating and weight loss // clear skin // bright eyes // vibrant energy!

This menu is:

// Packed with antioxidants, with a whole rainbow of colour included

// Brimming with anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the occurrence of redness and fatigue

// Provides excellent digestive support (hello, flat tummies) along with fat burning support and deep hydration

// Contains key herbal and superfood support for the skin

// Includes our core collagen rich elixirs - the ProPlenish Beauty From Within Smoothie [or Bone/Vegan Broth on day 3.]

With all these superstar elixirs working together, the READY TO PARTY menu promotes beautified vibrancy from the inside out.

Each cleanse day contains: 4.5 serves of fruit and a whopping 14 serves of veggies. [616 Cal // 2577.34 KJ per day]


Download the menu below. We will be in touch once you have placed your order to cover any specific needs with you. 

Feel better. Think better. Look better. Your new beginning starts now.


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