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Intermittent Fasting

5:2 Program


Please note:

** DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF VIC: cleanse for $95 per day, including delivery. To book: contact us at or call (03) 9645 3356


Stay on track with the 5:2 lifestyle and save!


SPECIAL RATE of $70 per day (instead of $77 per day) applies to monthly packs. [Price excludes delivery]

To book a MONTHY PACK contact us at: or call (03) 9645 3356


Naturopathically formulated cleanse menu that makes it easy to do the 5:2 intermittent fasting lifestyle which is famous for FAT BURNING, BOOSTING VITALITY & cellular REPAIR + RENEWAL. Yes please!  

Use this menu as a 1 or 2 day program for your fasting days on the 5:2 lifestyle and get the added bonus of cleansing the accumulation of toxins in the body at the same time. Now that's legit multi-tasking!

You have the freedom to use the cleanse/fast days as suits your schedule. Want to plan your cleanse/fasting for 2 days consecutively? No problem! Would you like to juice 1 day per week and eat 25% of your RDI in calories on the other fasting day? We’ve got you. How you do this is completely up to you.  We’re here for support anytime you need along your journey and to cheer you on as you crush your health goals and shine!

By creating this menu we find that our clients who practice a 5:2 lifestyle:

/ Achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss goals and are bursting with energy and renewed vibrancy  

/ No longer stress about food choices and quantities… because we have worked this all out for you

/ Ensure that fasting days are bursting with an abundance of nutrition so the body doesn't miss out on vital vitamins + minerals important for a healthy metabolism

/ Still get to indulge in healthy fats like coconut flesh and avocado (yum!), so do not feel hungry or deprived on fast days

/ Have more freedom and vibrancy to lead their usual jam-packed lives while remaining on the program


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